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Allen Nielsen

Principal of Charlotte Christian Upper School

I have been involved in Christian education for 36 years and don't know of another time that a guest speaker impacted our student body the way God used Nabeel to impact ours. In Christian schools we put particular emphasis on following Christ with both our head and our heart; he modeled that balance like few Christians I have ever experienced. God has not only equipped Nabeel to communicate TRUTH in a bold and courageous manner, but in a gracious and winsome manner as well.

Dean Hardy

Bible Deptartment Chair at Charlotte Christian School and Author of 'Stand Your Ground'

In my past eleven years in education I have not experienced hearing such a fresh, Biblically proficient, dynamic and unique speaker as Nabeel Qureshi. He walked into the halls of Charlotte Christian School as a stranger, and in 48 hours and four sessions later he left with over 400 prayer warriors for his ministry. He was the conduit through which the Holy Spirit rocked our school. There is no doubt in my mind that he has a gift, he is "the real deal," and he will always be welcomed back on our campus.