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Lee Strobel

Christian Apologist and Bestselling Author of the "Case for Christ" Series

"My friend Nabeel Qureshi is among the most knowledgeable and effective apologists on Islam that I’ve ever encountered. He is a powerful and persuasive communicator who’s passionate about reaching Muslims for Jesus and equipping Christians to do the same. I admire his brilliant mind, his big heart for people and his steadfast faith in Christ. He has my complete confidence and strong recommendation."

Gary R. Habermas

Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University & Theological Seminary

"I have known Nabeel for many years, both before and after his conversion. I have also gotten to know Nabeel as his professor, since he was one of my graduate students. I have always found him to be an honest, straightforward, and brilliant fellow. The fact that he’s still pursuing another graduate degree indicates his love of truth. He has a simply amazing testimony, which is just part of the contribution that he has made to various ministries. I recommend him heartily."

Mark Mittelberg

Bestselling Author - Primary Author of "Becoming a Contagious Christian" Training Course

"My friend Nabeel Qureshi is an amazing person and a sincere follower of Christ. He has a huge heart for people -- especially friends who are Muslims, as he once was. He has a bright mind that is fully engaged in defending the truth of the gospel. And he has a great passion for lovingly reaching as many people as possible for Christ. I recommend him wholeheartedly for your church or event."

Michael R. Licona

Apologetics Coordinator, NAMB; Research Prof. of New Testament, Southern Evangelical Seminary

“I’ve known Nabeel since he was a Muslim. He has always been an honest truth-seeker. But he’s also a brilliant and articulate speaker who educates his audience through engaging lectures on relevant topics. I highly recommend him!”